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House Lifting / Excavation


If you have a home on the coast of Connecticut in a low lying area it is likely that it needs to be lifted.  Due to new regulations homes need to be lifted above FEMA’s base flood elevation.

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Timmer's Way

Timmers_WayTimmer’s Way is a foundation started by the Wood family and several others to honor one of its own, Timmer Wood.  At the time of his passing Timmer was an integral part of Wood Builders.  Whether it be at the job or in the lumber yard everyone enjoyed being around him.  He encompassed what Wood Builders strives to be honest and trustworthy.  Timmer worked hard when on the job, but also knew how to make everyone laugh even in the hardest of situations.  For his rules of construction he even had a sense of humor.  The first rule of construction was “the customer is always right”, the second “safety first”.  Wood Builders is proud to be a part of the Timmer’s Way foundation.

The foundation was started when Ian Ryan one of Timmer’s best friends from growing up decided to put on a concert in his name.  The concert’s proceeds went to two charities that promoted ideals important to Timmer: Habitat for Humanity, by building homes for those in need, and PAWS, by placing homeless animals with people who can care for them.  After a successful fundraising event family and friends thought it would be appropriate to start a foundation in memory of Timmer.  For more information on the foundation and how to donate please visit timmersway.com.